【DJ】Silk Magic Tri-color PLA Red-Green-Blue

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  • 🧵【Shiny Silk Coextruded PLA】- Smooth and shiny finish like real silk, no extra polishing needed. 1/3 Red and 1/3 Green 1/3 Blue combination of magicPLA coextruded filaments, Make the two sides of your print appear in different colors, just like magic.
  • 🧵【High Compatibility】 – 1.75mm filament diameter automation control, accuracy +/- 0.02mm. Perfectly compatible with 99% of the FDM 3D Printer and 3D Pen, For example Creality 3D, Comgrow Creality Ender, ANYCUBIC, SUNLU,ELEGOO, Voxelab, ERYONE, MYNT3D etc.
  • ♻️【Eco Material】- GNVTNTP Silk MagicPLA Made of 4032D raw material imported from USA. strong toughness, no bubble, no jamming, no warping, constantly without clogging the nozzle or extruder. It is a friendly coextruded filament ideal for home and schooling use.
  • 🛠️【Recommend Print Settings】- Silk PLA Printing temperature: 190~ 210℃, Silk coextruded PLA Printing speed: 30-50mm/s, 3D Printer Hot bed:0~55℃.
  • 🧵【What you get】- One-month free trial, Lifetime warranty, and Money-back guarantee if you’re not 100% satisfied. Package Includes: 1 x 1kg Spool of 1.75mm PLA filaments, Total 330m. Interestingly, each roll of filament has a little extra surprise inside.
  • ♻️ Air transport, expected to arrive within 5-12 days, Buy more than 3pcs in the United States, use DHL delivery, the time limit is 4~7 days

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Discover the magical filaments of GNVTNTP!

Is one colour too boring for you? Then letyourself be enchanted by the shimmering Gnvtntp magicPLA filaments! The uniquecolour combinations in the filament can be used to create extraordinary modelsthat are sure to attract everyone’s attention.

Easy printing:

magicPLA can be printed like conventionalPLA. Because it doesn’t warp, no heated bed is required for printing. If your3D printer has a heated bed, the recommended temperature is ± 50-60 ° C foroptimal adhesion.

The material can be used on all commondesktop 3D printers with FDM or FFF technology.

Properties of magicPLA:

Unique colour change effect

ecoPLA base with ultra-satin colours

No warping

No heated bed required

Simple to print

High printer compatibility

1 review for 【DJ】Silk Magic Tri-color PLA Red-Green-Blue

  1. David Grant (verified owner)

    The colours on this Triextruded (Not Coextruded) filament are truly amazing and offer deep vibrant colours from any angle. Ideally suited to a direct drive 3D printer but good results achieved with Bowden. Don’t run it too hot, around 205 nozzle on direct drive and 215 first layer. So pleased with results I shouting from the rooftops and have ordered more of this and other tricolours.

    AKA: @d3d_creative

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